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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing failure to follow instructions counseling

Instructions and Help about failure to follow instructions counseling

Jennifer is going to start off this hour from Houston Texas hi Jennifer how are you hey Dave thank you so much for taking my call to find her to talk to you or you too what's up in your world I'm trying to figure out I have a daughter that 20 years old who is just a huge problem in our house we've got three other kids and she's just verbally abusive to me so I need to get her out of the house and I'm trying to figure out how to do it money-wise I feel like I should either set her up in an apartment or give her I told my husband $1,000 to see if she can figure it out and he saying no we shouldn't do any of this that she'll just use this and come back anyway so I was wondering what your thought is so is your husband her father um not her biological father he we've been married since she was two so I mean he's some kind of man allows a 20 year old to be abusive to his wife cuz I gotta tell you that happen at my house I've been laying on the floor looking up you might talk to your mom that way but you don't talk to my wife that way he has said things to her before and he I guess she's very supportive of whatever I say and so I guess I try to control the situation all the time I try to walk on eggshells make sure not to set her off and now that one what I was talking about this this man is allowing someone to speak abusively to his wife why well she does I do it inside of him she usually waits when he's not home well why why would he allow it period I don't know I gotta tell you one of my kids start that they're gonna find their butt in the gutter okay nobody talks to Sharon Ramsey that way with well I'm alive well I don't know what I don't know I don't either because I'm telling you that's the issue here you know cuz here's what I heard I heard you're gonna give her money and she's gonna come back anyway because nobody among you or your husband has the backbone to stand up to this little twerp well you know you're right yeah I mean you need to throw her butt in the street she needs to learn a lesson or two but it's a little late I mean you waited 20 years to discipline her so high man you got a mess yeah I think you give her some money but you need to have real you know give her a thousand bucks I don't care it's worth thousand dollars now I have a conversation like this so but get her out of the house and explain to her and you and.