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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing army separation counseling

Instructions and Help about army separation counseling

Yo what's going on YouTube family haven't been on here in a while I just wanted to stop in and give you all a quick update all my status I got a call from the recruiting district to discuss my article and whether or not it will be waiverable to submit my application for further review to get it selected for OCS and some good news and after discussing with the officer they approved my waiver on the spot so that's good news that was a big hurdle that I had facing so still pushing through you know I just want to let you guys know again I'll keep you updated it was just a quick update it's a little late about to put my kids to bed say a little prayer before you get to pee so hope to give you guys more good news and hopefully these videos are helping you guys stay motivated dedicated and persistent towards your goals regardless of what it is I all right you guys you'd be good be blessed love you all peace.


How do I fill out the choices in IPU online counseling?
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