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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing flag removal counseling apft

Instructions and Help about flag removal counseling apft

It was cracking everybody in support a senior model and so recently I've been receiving a lot of questions about the AP of T and the AP of T is the army physical fitness test it measures your upper lower and ertz strength right the thing about the AP of team a lot of people don't know is that it can ultimately ruin your career one guy asked me what happens if you do poorly on the AP and how that's going to affect you on your MOS there's a matter if your empty tree doesn't matter if your cook doesn't matter if you supply it doesn't matter what your MOS is and I want to let you guys know what exactly happens when you fail your AP of T the minute you fail your AP of T right let's say you got shitty ass numbers let's say you ran it you you did like 13 push-ups if you're a male and if you remember that makes a big difference if you did like 20 sit-ups and you came in at 19 minutes on your two-mile run and you're 18 years old right let's say you fail it the minute you fail Adam is going to take your number so I'm going to calculate it and they're going to put a no go next to your AP of T card right and then what they're going to do they're going to transfer that information to the admin system and that inside their admin system it's going to flag you it's not going to allow you to do in kind of special mission let's say you're with your unit in a National Guard this really works on the National Guard I've never filmed my apt in active duty never ever okay in the National Guard I mean if you fail the only thing you can do is go to drill and go to annual training that's it but when it comes to on special mission right it's put fucking Jo Snuffy over here to go to Korea right for a month all right cool we need to do a 30 day order for him right let's just say order to even know two week or whatever it's an order right and they're gonna try to type in your name they're going to try to fill out all the necessary information and then BAM it's going to say can't put Joe Snuffy on order because he's flagged for a P of T that means you're useless to the army that worthless useless right also when when your flag for a P of T if you want to go to BL see basically this course or a of C or SLC or any fucking amorous jobs if you want to change units and they see that flag a P of T you're fucking stuck you can't go to any of that shit you can't go to any leadership course you can't go


How do I get Google to remove an ad for a "restricted" product? I flag it in Google Chrome, fill out the form for a Google violation and no response.
You can fill out this form Feedback on AdWords AdsAs you can see Fireworks isn't an option on the list of violations. My best guess is this just isn't a top priority for Google since there are much more important issues they need to weed out like illegal drugs. Though it is clearly listed as disallowed in the Fireworks - Advertising Policies Help section enforcement varies between different policies.Often it's a waste of time and energy to try and get your competitor's ads blocked so I wouldn't bother.
How do I fill out the choices in IPU online counseling?
It has been postponed (again) to 23rd June 8pm according to the recent notice posted on
In your work as a pharmacist, what is a prescription that you were ordered to fill that was highly questionable or, in other words, sent out a red flag?
In my 14 years of working as a pharmacist, 90% of prescriptions from an out of state physician for control substances are always questionable.Many physicians and pharmacists dropped the ball that led to the opioid crisis we are currently facing in this country.
Should I fill out those options in JoSAA counseling which I am unlikely to get, or should I fill out only the ones which I can easily get?
Fill out the options which you're unlikely to get on top of the options which you're likely to get.This way if you're lucky you can get one of the options which you're unlikely to get.If you have any doubt regarding choices , check the link. Remove space before .com to proceed.unacademy .com/lesson/choosing-the-best-collegebranch-in-hindi/3GJXYJYE