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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing platoon sergeant initial counseling 4856

Instructions and Help about platoon sergeant initial counseling 4856

Hello and welcome my name is Charles homes from part-time commander calm I'm creating this short video today to talk to you about platoon leader initial counseling if you're a company commander one of your greatest responsibilities is to develop your subordinate leaders in order to do that you need to effectively counsel your lieutenants warrant officers in first sergeant when you conduct an initial counseling the secret to success is to prepare first of all you need to make sure that you complete your oer support forum once you do that you need to complete your junior officer development support forum for you lieutenant in addition to that it's a good idea to have some written unit goals your command philosophy and any other background information that you want to give to you a new lieutenant when the two of you sit down you need to be in a private room where there's no interruptions you need to keep the meeting to less than one hour in addition to that you need to spend some time and get to know each other make sure it's a two-way conversation make sure the communication flows both ways the next thing that you need to do is to help the lieutenant set some goals you need to tell him or her excuse me you need to help him or her decide some of their platoon goals or some of their section goals in addition to that you want to clearly outline your expectations of what you expect the lieutenant to do once again keep the meeting to less than an hour at the end of the meeting shake their hand give them some positive words of encouragement and send them on their way make sure that from time to time you do provide them can some constructive feedback and every 90 days that you give them a quarterly counseling I hope this information helps if you want to learn some more tips about how to be a great company commander visit part time commander calm


How would a tank platoon sergeant generally advance to platoon leader, given that the former is usually a sergeant first class while the latter a lieutenant?
It’s possible but the scenario for such a PSG going to a LT varies depending on the situation. There is the Green to Gold program that the Army does offer for enlisted. It requires completing OCS and College requirements. I can also see that in a wartime situation that a PSG is promoted to LT with a requirement of completing OCS in the future along with those College requirements. In my personal opinon, a PSG is way underpaid money wise when compared to a LT who has zero tank tank/TC time and just a general lack of knowledge with the ability to command. A PSG who has spent many years working on tanks, driving, loading, training, along with the many different development schools for leadership and on top of that.. will train even a LT on how to be a Platoon Leader. Guiding him on how to make a SOP and even when the LT is wrong, letting him know and better options. In the end, it’s the LT who makes the call on what actions the platoon is going to make in accordance to the company SOP, Orders, or interpretation of the situation.NOW.. by the time a person has reached the PSG position… I could not think of a reason why they would want to transition to an Officer. Now, if they were the rank of Sergeant or below then I understand if they have about 5 years of active duty. Other than that, I honestly do not understand as to why.
How do I fill out the choices in IPU online counseling?
It has been postponed (again) to 23rd June 8pm according to the recent notice posted on
How can one fill a PAN card application with initials?
The PAN Card Application has specific guidelines that no initials be included for the First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name fields of the applicant, his/her father and mother.While initials are not permitted in the above mentioned fields, you have the option to choose how your name appears on the PAN Card. There you could have initials listed.For example, lets take the name Virat Kholi.First Name would be Virat.Last Name would be Kholi.Name on Card can be any of the following:Virat KholiViratK ViratVirat KIf you would like to check how the application turns out, you could submit an online PAN Card Application and download the pre-filled PDF form for free at Brokerage Free - New PAN ApplicationHope this information is helpful.Thanks.