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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing monthly counseling plan of action

Instructions and Help about monthly counseling plan of action

Welcome this is the energy vibration breed and for the Aquarian Sun women rising sign I want to say thank you for being here this is the month of March a good month of April I'm so sorry if this is the month of April and when they say thank you for being here and thank you for being back thank you for the wonderful like shares and support this month of April we are going to be taken look and see what is coming in and I'm sorry for the color of this video but I am unfortunately I can't do anything differently because of the computer and music okay um as soon as I can find a better solution definitely the solution will come up okay just as if sometimes the universe works this way okay so I want to say thank you for like sharing my videos and thank you for the wonderful a support that is coming in um thank you to each and every person for supporting my channel and we are going to be seeing what is transferring what has happened let's go ahead and check out the monthly you guys please like share these videos remember that these videos are an hour long or more but the extended region will be on the channel to find okay up on the moms okay so let's see what's coming out for April okay this is the second quarter of the year it has gone so far so quickly so we are going to be aligned ourselves and see what is coming up with you guys in this month of April now this is a really a much of changes okay so um for you guys let's see what's coming out for the Aquarius and winterize inside in the first week of April we have the energy of Justice and the second week of April we have the energy of the tower and then we have the energy of strength in the third week and in the fourth week we have the energy of temperance okay so the first week is going to be good for you guys the second week is not going to be that good on the third week and the fourth week so for you Aquarians you have to be aware of the situation that is transpiring around you whatever it is and some of you are having some legal issues that is not going to be so positive so be aware of that and realize what is transpiring in your life okay so we are going to be some of you are going to be having some legal situation with the Pisces cancer or with scorpion okay so be aware of that so some of you in the first week or second week going in the second week you're going to be having some situation with a Pisces cancer for a scorpion now this person whatever is transparent with us


How do I strip laziness and procrastination out of my life? I make lots of plans, but I’m often unable to follow through. What are some action points I can follow to push me out of laziness?
I see that most answers offer more advice which you might be lazy to do. Instead it helps to understand the nature of how our mind works and how we fool ourselves. Maybe the needed will follow by itself.APPROACH 1"I want to become an awesome singer"2 days pass. Watch a before/after pic of a fat guy"I want to really become ripped"5 days pass"I want to x1...""I want to x2..."10 days pass"Why am I never able to decide?!! Let me post a question on Quora"Post after 3 days. Start getting answers in 5. More 15 days pass...thinking, soul searching."Yes, I should become a singer. But I am too lazy. How does one overcome laziness?"Read, research, other usual life distractions - more 20 days pass."I think the real reason is procrastination. I just need to START. How do I start?"Read, research, other usual life distractions - more 20 days pass."No matter what I do, I never get anywhere. Maybe its because I have not found my TRUE passion yet. How does one find their true passion?"Entire mountain of research. 30 days pass..."Shit. I keep trying, but never get anywhere. Atleast I am trying. But i seriously need to get somewhere. What is the REAL PROBLEM with me I wonder?"Post question on Quora. But the 'real' answer never comes. More 30 days pass* TOTAL DAYS PASSED: 140 (4.5 months)* # OF "HOW-TOs" read: 1 million* # OF THINGS ACTUALLY EXPERIENCED: 0* MOTIVATION LEVEL: 0%* HENCE, # OF MORE THINGS INSPIRED TO EXPERIENCE: 0FINAL STATUS: "I tried to solve my confusion for 4.5 months. But am still confused"* AFTER 5 YEARS: "Why is my life so empty? Let me read that next best seller. Maybe that has the answer"======================APPROACH 2:"I want to become an awesome singer""So what is the next immediate step?...join a class.""But what if I can do it through youtube? What if the teacher is not good? What if singing is not what I really want?""It is OK even if I fail or do not like it. Let me at least TRY. It's worth it."Join a class. * TOTAL DAYS PASSED: 140 (4.5 months)* # OF "HOW-TOs" read: 0* # OF THINGS ACTUALLY EXPERIENCED: MANY (learning singing was the first, enjoying singing, seeing how real singers work, making new connects even if you are an introvert, knowing about other interesting fields to try...)* MOTIVATION LEVEL: 100%. 4.5 months of a good, mindful, sincere effort to pick up some meaningful singing skills. Much much better than ZERO.* HENCE, # OF MORE THINGS INSPIRED TO EXPERIENCE: INFINITE* FINAL STATUS: "I picked up singing skills in the last 5 months. But I would like to try film making next. Thanks to the struggling singer Anna whom I met in my singing class. I attended that 2 days film school trial as well" You are not 'awesome' maybe. But you now know more about film making, and much more about singing than many other people.* AFTER 5 YEARS: "I tried singing -- film making - martial arts -- science degree -- sound editing..and tried a dozen more things. Did not like 7, but the learning was useful. Liked 5 so I worked harder. And then found the one for which I am willing to WORK until I get better..and more better...forever. Maybe I will not like it after 5 years, maybe getting better will take more time for me...but that's OK. I will enjoy anyway!" Meanwhile people are asking you "How are you good at so many things? How do you find time to do so many things?"Because you are DOING. And they are THINKING about doing.So the point is?Success Vs Feeling of success: Most of the times, we do not want the accomplishment. We want the 'feeling' of accomplishment. Fantasizing is easier than working.Fear of failure: Fantasizing does not involve the risk of failure.Thinking Vs Doing: Reading "how tos" produces the perception of "Trying". Reduces guilt. Makes us feel less "lazy"Blaming Vs Owning: But reality shows us a mirror after a few months. But instead of 'doing', we start feeling guilty and repeat step 1We often do not realize how we lie to ourselves. How the real problem lies elsewhere. And that no matter what the exact problems are, the solution is only ONE. DO NEXT SMALL STEP. EXPERIENCE(maybe success, maybe failure). DECIDE NEXT SMALL STEP. Instead we are afraid of failure, want certainty of success. So we choose:DECIDE NEXT BIG STEP. DO NEXT BIG STEP. EXPERIENCE BIG SUCCESS...ONLY. Of course we cannot predict the future. Without experience, we cannot even eit. So we cannot decide. No wonder we stay stuck. And get busy trying to solve our laziness, procrastination and God knows what issues. "I want to.", "But I am lazy ...", "I need X before I can do Y..", "But I am not good..", "I might fail..." are all just thoughts. They seem different and real, but are made of the same stuff: Nothing.Stop thinking. Start doing.Doing stuff where you have the possibility of making mistakes. That is REAL action. All your other 'issues' will take care of themselves. Read How do polymaths find time to do so many things? Watch my TEDx talk on How you Surprisingly Lie and Sabotage your Dreams learn about more lies. Sign up for my  Upcoming book on the same topic.It's OK if you do not read/see the above. Make sure you ACT!!
What are the steps of writing an ebook from concept outlining to publishing? Recommended action plan for a beginner?
Understanding the IndustrySelf-publishing has disrupted and revolutionized the publishing industry. It has transferred the power to create and publish literature directly into the hands of authors. Unfortunately, the industry is still young and developing new ways to become more efficient. The technology to create or convert your manuscript into an eBook is readily available and free, what you’re essentially doing is converting the file into ePub (or now ePub3) in order to make it easily readable on multiple devices. Most authors choose to pay for the skill, time, knowledge, and peace of mind an experienced eBook publisher can bring to the table. Distributing eBooks yourself on multiple platforms can be pretty manageable as well. You can pay an online distributor to do this or simply read the instructions on the distributors’ website. Consequently, the eBook market has not solved how to effectively market eBooks, especially if you decided to self-publish. Self-Publishers basically have to put on their “publishing house” hat to successfully publish a book. After writing, creating, and distributing your eBook, marketing will require a lot of hustling and creativity. Getting eBooks in front of the right audience then converting that viewership into purchasers isn't an exact science. Big and small publishers alike are developing ways to answer this burning hair problem for authors. For example, Amazon uses the “users who purchased this also purchased that” model. Goodreads has an algorithm that provides personalized recommendations base on your engagements (e.g., eBooks read, liked, favorite genres). Authors try to develop their social media presence (time consuming) to increase the likelihood of someone purchasing their eBook from a post. Then there are blog tours, video trailers, email marketing, promotion and sales,  online marketing packages, SEO,  hash tags, chapter sampling, entering  story contests, and soliciting reviews, just to name a few.  When all fails, give away free stuff. Basically, you’re on a journey to demand your market share while building a brand.Spark Authors uses gamification elements to address this market problem of discoverability for authors. It’s a platform where users can read, write, or collaborate on stories with friends and followers to earn points that are used to unlock rewards or purchase eBooks.This simply means that we’re incorporating typical gaming applications such as point scoring, achievements, badges, rewards, competition with friends, leveling, and rules of play to influence eBook activities such as writing reviews and sharing.  Points are given to users, as an incentive, for virtually all sorts of engagements on eBooks (e.g., commenting, liking, following, reviewing, editing, creating story topics, but most of all sharing). Authors can add cool rewards on their eBooks’ to enhance the experience.  Our mission is to stimulate peer-to-peer word-of-mouth marketing on social media, enhance eBooks, and ease the publishing process.eBook Marketing starts from day one
Create your social media profiles on every platform that you can think of: FB, IG, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. (you MUST build a brand for yourself, share your experience, and get the word buzzing that you’re creating content).eBook Writing Concept
·         Choose any writing software to create your manuscript (pages, word, etc.).·         Brainstorm and research a topic to gather ideas for what you will be writing.·         Develop a writing schedule.·         Commence writing.·         Edit, edit, and then edit some more.·         Release chapters for feedback and engage with audience. (Share to build interest)·         Create a really catchy and cool title. (Use social media for ideas).·         Create the table of content (use social media for chapter names).·         Get a really great book cover picture (use social media to decide).·         Get ISBN: Get Your ISBNs Now!·         Save the original copy of your manuscript.·         Congratulations you've just completed the writing process!
eBook Development & ePublishing:There are companies out there that will format and convert your manuscript into the necessary eBook file. However, there are free software’s that are user friendly and can produce a professionally designed eBook. There are a few things that you'll have to know before getting started… 
1.       Meta data info: Title, Author, Publisher, Producer, Copyright, ISBN, Tags, etc.2.       Formatting & Converting: Properly format your document before converting to ePub. It will ensure the best experience for the end user. You want the eBook to display and respond as you'd imagine. After properly formatting the original file will need to be converted into ePub which support most eReading devices, or KF8 or AZW for the kindle.3.       Converting instruction: Page       Review: Open the file on multiple eReaders to be sure that you are satisfied with its design and functionalities. (If not, repeat step 2)5.       Distribution: The result will be a file that can easily be distributed to various online marketplaces for sale (Spark Authors, iBook Store, Amazon, Smash Word, Book Baby, etc.) or opened on any eReader (iBooks, Kindle, Nook).6.       Congratulations! You have ePublished your first eBook.7.       Now MARKET, MARKET, MARKET!
What should be the action plan for the SEO of a website? I outsource projects and have to present an action plan of SEO for the next 6 months to a company.
Background - I currently write reports like this frequently.My opinion is that if you have to ask this question then you should outsource the action plan too.Here's a quick top level overview of what to include in a plan:SWOT analysis of the current website (Google SWOT if you don't know what it means, then thank me later cos you should know what it is).Current SERPs performance for the top performing keywords and strategy to improve rankings going forward.Identify competitors and carry out competitor analysis. Use this to determine potential areas for improvement / gaining competitive advantage.Identify website performance in terms of speed and mobile support.Identify outreach opportunities for content sourcing ( unique, good quality content) and link building.Keyword research (this needs a certain level of skill to get it done right).Send me a private message for more detailed help. There are tools that can speed up this process.Visit my profile here - Hire Emeka O. on PeoplePerHour and hire me to produce a robust report for you.
What are your views on Narendra Modi's Startup India, Standup India action plan? How much do you rate it out of 10?
In order to continue a long term high economic growth, Indian government needs to ruminate about services and products of "Make in India".In this respect,  Modi Govt.'s "Start-Up India, Stand-Up India" program is highly commendable. Key points of action plan are already discussed in other answers so, I want to focus my answer on " How world is perceiving, How people are perceiving" it.Here is the look what Masayoshi Son(CEO SoftBank , Japan's second wealthiest) has to say at Start-up India program inauguration :  "In the next 10 years India will repeat the growth China saw in the last 10 years and in my opinion, India could be bigger (than China)". Look, how optimistic and on the cloud nine he is. Softbank has already invested its $3 billion out of its $10 billion allocation in Indian start-ups in just couple of previous years and he is going to scale it up.According to him: "If I re-scale, I will scale up. What will $10 billion become, I don't know. If I have said that we will invest $10 billion in 10 years, we have invested $2 billion in a year. That's over pacing and I think we will accelerate" After MODI's Start-up India campaign, Individual states has also joined the bandwagon. Although, UP and West-Bengal government aren't BJP lead, but they also comprehended the situation and joined the Modi's action plan.  Uber co-founder and chief Travis Kalanick lauded the action plan announced by the government to promote start-ups in the country. He said "India is going to be a start-up and innovation hub that's bigger and it's going to get there faster because of the startup action plan that was presented"World is perceiving India's growth as rise of competitiveness. Opportunistic CEOs are now focusing to exploit Indian consumer market. At this point, Start-up India campaign will give rise to Indian " Make in India" Products and services which is not utmost necessary to give India economic boost and become world power.I will give it 8.5/10
What should be my plan of action to get out of a failed marriage?
If I had to assume, when you married this person, you married with the intention of staying the rest of your life with him/her. However, now you are probably in the juncture when you are contemplating if you should walk away.That is why, it’s very essential to understand and figure if this is truly the end of the relationship. And one of the only way you will be able to figure that out is separating. So initiate the process of separating. If kids are involved it’s very important to explain the reasons behind your decision. They have all the right to know why things would change in their lives as well.Once, you have carried through the process of separating, you would figure out if you want to stay away from him/her. If that is a yes, approach a divorce lawyer and file the petition for divorce.Reach out if you need any further assistance.
What does it feel like to be an unemployed PhD?
I am going anonymous because I am ashamed of myself. I don't want to live anymore. I was always very excited about research. I did a masters in India and loved it. I then came to the US and did another masters and subsequently a PhD. I have more than 25 publications and 4 patents from my research. I love research. Unfortunately I have been unsuccessful finding any kind of jobs. I am unable to find research jobs in academia or industry. My primary area of research is robotics and one would imagine there are tons of opportunities in robotics for PhDs, especially in self driving car companies, or drone companies, or manufacturing sector etc. The truth is, these companies only need software programmers and are happy to hire you if you had a BS or MS degree, but most of them don't even interview you with a PhD. The more researchy companies want you to have done deep learning, and anything else is considered useless. I have been rejected by over 50 companies. A combination of big ones and startups, pure robotics to AI companies, even finance sector and consulting. Some companies prefer US citizens over me, others prefer women to improve their diversity. I did a postdoc of a while, but now I have given up due to Visa complications ( my University is not everified). My girlfriend got a well paying job and has left me after trying to put up with me for 5 years. I am alone, poor, old, incapable and feel like a loser. I am tired of responding to my friends and family who keep asking me about my job situation. I have taken psychological counseling, but nothing hello. I have contemplated suicide many times and have come close to doing it. I don't see a point in living any more. Doing a PhD was the biggest mistake of my life. I am a loser and I don't want any sympathy or anything any more. I just wanted to share my story and rest in peace soon.