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Gonna try this again the u.s. army infantry is a special skill set MOS that requires attention of detail a solid will and a warrior spirit now with that you get a lot of troublemakers guys who get in trouble quite often guys that sometimes drink too much I don't condone that but it's fact guys who sometimes come across as disrespectful sometimes they're just plain disrespectful but i think the army has become to start turning their back on these types of soldiers when I came in I was 33 years young you couldn't really tell me much couldn't show me much till I got an army and then that all changed I had bosses way younger than me drill sergeants were younger than me hell even first sergeant younger than me and I learned to respect him and luckily they didn't turn their back on me when private Robinson was fucked up they didn't just cut sling load when private Robinson squad leader found out that he was messed up he got sideways with shawna robinson squared him away showed him the errors of his ways and what he needed to change in order to become a better soldier I got article 15 got article 15 for saying shit i shouldna to the person I shouldn't in a manner I should I took my medicine I learned from my mistakes I didn't let my mistake define me and Here I am nine and a half ten years later now with that being said counseling I don't believe makes better soldiers counseling i believe sets the soldier up for his chain of command to cut sling load on him and set him down the road when i was a private i got options my option was go out in the wood line with my team leader / squad leader get a little heat brought on you make a little sweat pop out on your brow and then an hour later your squad leader is talking to you just like he always did he didn't hold grudges on you when i was a private it was a normal thing for soldiers to drink too much on the weekends if they were 21 and older now that to me did not pose an issue as long as they were off the road not driving not endangering any other personnel and not fighting nowadays it seems like one drinking offense if you were drunk in the barracks or you drew some inappropriate shit on your battle buddy while he was passed out they won't throw you out army that gets rid of a lot of alpha males that gets rid of a lot of born infantryman and I do say born infantryman and if you read the three dash 20 18 it even says that they are specially selected specially trained especially led that's right at the beginning of the infantryman's Bible now with that I ask you most guys that.