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Laws calm legal forms guide a DEA form2404 is United States Army form used torecord the inspection and maintenance ofequipment the worksheet is usedprimarily along with the correspondingtechnical manual for the piece ofequipment that is being worked on theDEA form 24:04 is available on theUnited States Army documentation websiteor can be supplied through the chain ofcommand box one must be filled inidentifying the organization working onthe piece of equipment boxes two throughsix identify the equipment that will beinspected or worked on ensure that yousupply the nomenclature and model of theequipment in box two identified theoperating information pertinent to theequipment you must include any mileagehours hot starts or other measuring toolof the equipment once all of theequipment identifiers have been recordedyou must move on to box seven under boxseven you must identify the technicalmanual that is to be used in theinspection and maintenance identify alltechnical manuals to be used if morethan two manuals are being used refer tothem in an addendum sheet that can beattached at the end of the DEA form24:04 in box eight the maintenanceprovider or inspector must certify theform by signing and datingadditionally the amount of service timemust be recorded in box 10 the rest ofthe worksheet is devoted to listing andidentifying the items inspected and themaintenance records list each itemnumber and their status individually inboxes a and B if there are any problemswith the equipment they must beidentified in column C which is titleddeficiencies and shortcomings if anycorrective actions are needed theyshould be listed in column D onceaddressed each item must be signed offwith the initials of the maintenancepersonnel in column E after completionof the DEA form 24 all for the recordshould be kept with the equipment forfurther reference in future maintenanceevents the maintenance group should alsokeep a copy to keep an active record ofall inspections and maintenanceperformed on equipment to watch morevideos please make sure to visit lawscomm


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