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FAQ - Form DA-4856

What equipment does the US army need but not have in order to be more effective?
The Army basically needs to get out of the 1940’s. Computerization to the Army was basically to convert paper to PDF. The amount of forms is staggering, and I really can’t fathom why one would need to type any of your basic information when you needed a chipped ID card to log on.Take the APFT failure counseling. This is done a DA Form 4856 Developmental Counselling form, populated with the counselled soldiers information and scores, some mandatory boilerplate about what happens if the soldier fails another APFT, and some plan for the them to do more pushups. Failing APFT and Height/Weight is two seperate counselings. This PDF is normally emailed to the soldier, the soldier digitally signs and emails the PDF back where their first line leader signs it and emails it on up the chain. Why isn’t there an App for this?The Army needs a smartphone with some sensible apps and a CAC reader.
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Unicode Chart
0xFB50-0xFDFF, 64336-65023, Arabic Presentation Forms-A. xFE20-0xFE2F ...... x0564, 1380, ARMENIAN SMALL LETTER DA, դ. x0565, 1381 ...... x12F8, 4856, ETHIOPIC SYLLABLE DDA, ዸ ...... x2422, 9250, BLANK SYMBOL, ␢.
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Infantry (ISSN: 019-9532) is an Army professional bulletin prepared for quarterly publication by ... unit distribution, we welcome your comments on the format,.
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